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Театральный пр.
Москва, г. Москва
Russian Federation

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Collaboration with Tonya Hawkes

Veronika Shiliaeva

Ad Campaign F\W2014

Last June was very special for me, because I met absolutely amazing woman -  the founder of Tonya Hawkes brand. We did not know anything about each other. The thing, which connected us was Art. Tonya have noticed my works and invited me to Bologna to collaborate for her brand.

To make art is one thing, to make wearable art is another one. Together, we tried to combine these two different spheres. And here is the result of one of our works. I was invited to create sculptures for Tonya's first Fall 2014 Collection Ad Campaign in Milan.

Tonya Hawkes, Bradley Seymour, Vittorio Canisi, Gabriele Giussani and me made it real.

Check out our final video. 

The trunks she makes are absolutely unique, each one has it's own history behind, each bag is a result of a lot of work, but first of all it is the result of Tonya's dream, her passion to the beauty and fashion. 

Tonya knows how to combine art and fashion together in the best way, and I am very proud to be a part of Tonya's story.

Now a limited edition of these trunks is available in our Gallery1.61. Check out to see more.


About the gallery

Veronika Shiliaeva



Is a creative space where fashion and contemporary art meet. 1.61 combines a showroom with the most recent collections of fashion designers from all over the world. And as another important part Gallery1.61 is an art platform to hold art events and shows of contemporary art.

Gallery1.61 as showroom space

Gallery1.61 as showroom space

Just from the beginning I dreamed to represent how close art and fashion are today. That is how Gallery1.61 was inspired.

Several times per year me and my team travel around and choose some unique brands which could be represented in our showroom. At the same time I work and communicate a lot with art sphere and look for possible collaborations for our gallery. We are in a constant search for unique and inspiring and I am happy to share it with you. 

'Banya' exhibition in the space of Gallery1.61

'Banya' exhibition in the space of Gallery1.61

Shiliaeva Veronika CV

Veronika Shiliaeva


Personal details

Shiliaeva Veronika, (b. 1994 Russia)

Fine artist, founder of concept store Gallery1.61, jewelry designer. ||



2014 Banya, 1.61 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 Group exhibition, Pro Arte Gallery, Hallein, Austria

2013 Group exhibition, Saline, Hallein, Austria

2013 Inventory Exhibition, Usad’ba Golovinyh, Moscow, Russia

2013 Final year show, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia

2012 Final year show, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia

2012  Art Park, Flacon, Moscow, Russia


Tennengauer  Nachrichten: «Einnerungen an ein Haus», Austrian art magazine, 14 August 2014, p.16


Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Art


«Banya», Banya exhibition catalogue, 1.61 Gallery, 2014

Curatorial projects

2014, «Banya», 1.61 Gallery

Awards and Grants

2013, Salzburg International Summer Academy grant